What the Night Knows is written by Dean Koontz and narrated by Steven Weber. The unabridged audiobook is 12.5 hours of listening.

Narration is good, no issues.

I’m a big fan of Dean Koontz. Love many of his stories and characters, for example the Odd Thomas series – just great. This story isn’t in the same league – in fact, I did something I rarely do and executed a return in that this was purchased via Audible credits. The story itself is a great premise. A series of murders takes place twenty years ago – ultimately the serial killer is stopped by a 14 year old boy. That child is now an adult, a detective. The serial murders are being duplicated and he’s on the hunt.

With such a great premise, you’d thing this story would move forward with vigor, lots of exciting webs for Koontz to spin. His books are usually so good I hung in there for many chapters hoping for …. something. Nada.

BUT, give the devil their due. Some people have given it 5 stars. Beats me. Thank goodness I’m not the only reader out there who is disappointed in What the Night Knows.

Proceed at your peril.


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