The Ocean at the End of the Lane is written and narrated by Neil Gaiman. The unabridged audiobook is a short one, just over 5.5 hours of listening. The book was released several years ago, ergo there are thousands of reviews. It is, after all, a Neil Gaiman novel. I purchased as an Audible Daily Deal because … well, it is, after all, a Neil Gaiman novel.

Not much I can add to the mix, so some brief opinions. I liked this book. It is typical of Gaiman’s excellent writing – lyrical, poetic in places. Gaiman also simply tells a story – not paying much attention to current publisher conventions or mantras regarding the use of particular parts of speech – like adverbs. He writes from the heart, says what he wants to say … and readers are sucked in. I particularly liked the fact that Neil Gaiman is the narrator. The story is presented in the way he intended, no guessing regarding the reading or inflections.

This is a coming age, fable, fairy tale. But also a perspective of friendship, loyalty … the ability of a child to interpret and wonder – and the distant view of an adult reminiscing. I’m sure young adults would like, but The Ocean is also something a seasoned writer or adult reader would enjoy.

What I didn’t like? Nothing that I can think of…..

Like all Gaiman books, be prepared to let your imagination stretch and enjoy the ride.


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  1. E.D. Martin says:

    I went to a reading once by Neil Gaiman, around 2002. It was in an old theater, and he had the lights turned down while he read about 1/3 of Coraline, before it was published. It was very spooky and awesome. I love listening to authors read their own stuff, especially him, because they put such emotion and inflection in it.

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