The Best of Me is written by Nicholas Sparks, narrated by Sean Pratt, and the unabridged audiobook is almost ten hours long. Downloaded this copy from the Chicago Public Library.

If you are in any way feeling low – don’t add to your misery with The Best of Me … or maybe it is a good idea if you want to revel in the sadness of others. The book will definitely pull you in, because it is, like all Sparks novels, a decent story. But, wow … it is a tearjerker and the author plays with your emotions – a lot!

The two main characters, after over twenty years, return to the home of their roots for the funeral of an old man they befriended as teenagers. Typical of a Sparks romance, you guessed it … the teenagers were in love. Romeo and Juliet characters from opposite sides of the social spectrum are pulled apart, life happens. Today one is an ex-con, the other is a mother married to an alcoholic. Thus is the thrust of The Best of Me.

Narration is fine, no trouble discerning who’s talking to who, a good production.

No explicit sex, no foul language – don’t hesitate to give as a gift to any Sparks or romance fan, teenagers included.

But … whoa … violins will be playing. *sniff*


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