City of Echoes is written by Robert Ellis, narrated by Nick Podehl, and close to ten hours of listening. I purchase as an Audible Daily Deal. City of Echoes is book one in a new series, a police procedural defining the exploits of Los Angeles homicide detective Matt Jones. The story is a cliff hanger with unresolved issues … hopefully to be addressed in subsequent stories, yet to be released.

Why I liked. The who-done-it aspect of a police procedural story – and, Robert Ellis puts forth several possible suspects. Lots of twists, surprises. The story is one of police corruption, a serial murderer, good cops and bad cops. Throw in familial abandonment issues.

Why I’m a bit cool. The narrator, Nick Podehl, is excellent. I’ve listened to him many times and always enjoy. That said, he is the wrong voice for this novel, in my opinion. There are several police officers in the story and most sound young … too young – like high school kids. The story needs a bit mature, older voice. Nick Podehl is more suited to a love story, SciFi, YA; he has no tough-guy persona like Dick Hill or George Guidall. Often, the characters simply sounded angry or pissed off for no apparent reason. Second problem, the love interest of Matt Jones, the lead character. I’ll give no secrets here, but .. just too much of a stretch. Third, there were several plot items which made the story more confusing than necessary. I listened to the first ten chapters and went back to the beginning to start over. Simple mind of mine couldn’t keep it straight, so maybe it’s just me … lots of ground work in the first chapters. *shrug*

A little sex and language, not much … appropriate for the scene and nothing offensive.

Notice I didn’t indicate anywhere that I didn’t like the book … I liked it enough to continue with the series. But, it could have been better.


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