Broken Grace is written by E. C. Diskin, narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith and Scott Merman. The unabridged audiobook is 9.5 hours of listening. I purchased as an Audible Daily Deal. A young woman has an automobile accident (hits a deer) and awakens with her mind nearly erased with amnesia – she remembers nothing, not her childhood, boyfriend, siblings – nada!

Why I liked the book – Broken Grace is a mystery, a who-done-it involving amnesia, sibling rivalries, murder, and police investigation. The premise interesting, the story well told by the narrators. Lots of twists, surprises – lots of opportunity to do my own guessing, which I like in a mystery.

Complaints. The story is too predictable – I don’t think you’ll have any trouble discerning ‘who done it’ very early in the story – some behavior is a bit of a stretch.

The surprise ending? No spoilers, but in my opinion: The ending did not add to the story and I found it disappointing. The book would have been better without it. There, shoot me.

Narration is okay – nicely done. No explicit sex, a decent mystery in some areas – but, transparent, too.


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