Written by Carl Sandburg, narrated by Arthur Morey, a very long audiobook – over 44 hours of listening. Although originally released way back in 1954, this audiobook format was released in 2013.

Two American legends. One, Carl Sandburg – poet, author. The other, Abraham Lincoln. This alone should tell you this book is a pretty decent listen. Predominantly a history of the United States from the late 1700s through the end of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln is also recommended for anyone interested in an understanding of Lincoln, the man.

Abraham Lincoln is a compilation of Sandburg’s decades of research. The book is filled with Lincolnesque homily, often disconnected, one line insights as an attempt to convey Lincoln, his time, character, friends, enemies, and Lincoln’s humble roots. Typical of the writings of the time, the prose is wordy and some would say verbose. Starting with details about Lincoln’s heritage, his grandfather also being an Abraham Lincoln, his father Tom, the brief life of his mother Nancy Hanks, the book traverses Lincoln’s life, election, presidency, the American Civil War, through his ultimate assassination in April of 1865.

Narration by Arthur Morey is superb. It’s apparent that Morey admired Sandburg’s writing and Abe himself.

If you are interested in the preeminent insight into Lincoln, an in-depth look at his foibles and amazing intellect, this read is a must. It is also an excellent American history lesson. Enjoy!


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