Written by Lee Child, narrated by Dick Hill, just over fourteen hours of listening. This unabridged audiobook version was downloaded from the Chicago Public Library.

Although a different reader was used in early editions of the Jack Reacher Series, I think most audiobook listeners will agree that Dick Hill is ‘the voice’ of Jack Reacher. With several books in this series, none in particular, I’ve enjoyed Dick Hill’s interpretation. In this story, however, I found the interpretation to be annoying as hell. From the very beginning, and throughout the entire story, Reacher has a broken nose. We never find out why or how it got broken, but Hill’s voicing of Reacher reflects the nasally, stuffed-up-nose sound to a degree of aggravation for the listener. This distraction severely hampered my enjoyment of the book, and it served absolutely no purpose – none. Narration is, as Jack Reacher would say, “Not good, not good at all.” But then, Hill had to work with the material he was given. Enough about narration.

Reacher is super-smart, observant, quiet, and has all the strength and abilities of every hardened tough guy you can imagine – with a soft spot for all that is righteous. Hill  portrays Reacher as a deep thinking, somewhat caustic, type A, world-weary loner, former army. In A Wanted Man, Reacher thumbs a ride with two criminals and a female hostage … this is where the story starts. Lots of twists, some surprising, some not so much, but very typically Jack Reacher. The story is a bit predictable, repetitive in areas. Reacher unwittingly finds himself in a number of scrapes you’ll be convinced he cannot escape – but, that’s the fun – he always does.

If you enjoy the Jack Reacher Series, you’ll enjoy the book. Not sure about the reading of the audiobook, however.


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