These comments address the The Tucker Series, as of this writing four novels written by David Johnson. All of the unabridged audiobooks are narrated by Laural Merlington. Lengths vary from just under six hours to just over ten. I was introduced to the first book via an Audible Daily Deal and enjoyed the story enough to finish the entire series.

The stories center around the lead character, Tucker. Tucker is an elderly woman, a victim of child abuse, who has been saddled with the raising of her three grandchildren. The setting is a life of extreme poverty in rural Tennessee.

My initial reaction is positive with a few codicils. Working through all four novels became a bit tedious, many areas a bit too preachy for my taste .. especially in books three and four. The characters were also very teary, lots of crying and angst. For those squeamish of the topic, some terrible child abuse is vividly described. There are many instances that had me rolling my eyes … some situations and character behavior lacks credibility.

Reason I liked these stories? Character development and narration. David Johnson does a terrific job with the character of Tucker. I’m sure you’ll find other characters in the stories that are well developed and believable. Narration by Merlington is excellent … unique voices for all characters.

If you are interested in a familial tale, with character development exceptional, you will enjoy The Tucker Series.

If you’re turned off by books that are very preachy and loaded with christian values, these are not for you.


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  1. MaryLou says:

    Wonderful, wonderful book. I like stories like this that capture your heart. That makes you laugh and cry. I will always think of these books when I think of my favorite books. I have enjoyed listening to them on my Kindle. I like you David Johnson and I will be reading more of your books. Keep up the good work.

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