Written by David Levien, narrated by Scott Brick, an unabridged audiobook about 9 hours long.

A down and out private investigator is on the trail of a serial killer, a police procedural. Very, very graphic and grisly – more than necessary, in my opinion. If you are squeamish regarding small animal torture, the abuse, brutality, dismemberment of young women, blood and guts that abound, take a pass – otherwise, it’s right up your alley and a relatively decent crime thriller! Personally, I think the author went overboard in his diligent attempt to create a psychopathic killer – a shock-and-awe approach with virtually every other chapter describing his gruesome, gooey-gorey deeds. I found myself fast forwarding through sections muttering to myself: “Okay, I get it, he’s a sicko.”

Scott Brick’s narration is sullen and morose, as is the story. This book stands alone – even though it is book four in a series.

Levine is descriptively ghoulish leaving little, if anything, to the imagination of the reader. Many scenes are a little too explicitly disgusting  – not my cup ‘o tea.


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