No Coming Back is written by Keith Houghton, audiobook format narrated by Scott Merman at just about 8.5 hours. Narration is fine, you’ll have no trouble discerning who says what to who. The story, however, you may not enjoy.

If you’re looking for a feel good, happy ending, this book is not for you. It’s very rare for me to pan a book – writing a novel is a monumental effort. Ergo, even if I find the book to be a bitter pill, I still try to be objective. Well … that said …

A sympathetic lead character, Jake, takes us through a mystery surrounding the disappearance of his girlfriend. After many chapters of sleuthing and character development, the author gets diverted to an entirely different murder tangled into the dysfunctional childhood of Jake. Disjointed? Well, duh – I guess so! What happened to the girlfriend? We never find out. Not only that, but the only character in the entire book to really like, Jake, is ultimately a bad guy … a really bad guy. No Coming Back is an extremely disappointing read, nothing redeeming.

I hate loose ends and wonder how this ever got past an editor. Not recommended.


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