All in audiobook format, this review references 6 books in the Jericho Quinn series. Most are narrated by Tom Weiner, State of Emergency by Luke Daniels. All are between 10-11 hours of listening, so in total, all represent approximately 65 hours of  the Jericho Quinn adventures.

Jericho Quinn is a Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn), Jason Bourne (Robert Ludlum), Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy) … well, you get the idea. He’s the self deprecating good-guy-tough-guy, who loves motorcycles, that the world turns to in the event of an apocalyptic threat. Jericho and a few secondary heroes/heroine are the go-to characters for the Director of National Intelligence. Quinn’s code name is the ‘hammer’ … which should give you an idea regarding collective mission objectives.

The bad guys are middle eastern, the weapons that of mass destruction. Think bio weapons, nuclear warheads, dirty bombs, and the feverous attempts to quell what initially seems inevitable.

The Jericho Quinn stories are complex and a myriad of unrelated events are intermingled into a satisfactory conclusion. Each novel can stand-alone, but characters move through each book to the next. Some have a very distinct cliff-hanging ending prompting the reader to move forward to the next book to get any closure. Pay attention, moments are sometimes hard to follow without re-wind. Although these stories usually bring together seemingly disparate events, Cameron goes overboard a bit, in my opinion. There are many scenes that seem to add little, if anything, to the plots, and could easily have been removed. But, that’s just me, and you may come to a different conclusion. Basically, in my opinion, the books are good, but could have been shorter and less confusing.

Narration is fine. I take no issue with either reader. Luke Daniels has a unique take on the bad guy’s voice, however … a bit grating. But, he’s the bad guy, you’re not supposed to like him :-). You’ll have no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who with either narrator.

Many of the well known authors of this genre, like those previously mentioned, are dead, and with them their wonderful characters. In my humble opinion, with this series Marc Cameron is making a credible effort to fill the void with Jericho Quinn.

If you like the genre, you’ll like these stories … and Jericho Quinn. Enjoy!

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