Written by Harlan Coben, narrated by January LaVoy, an 11 hour and 46 minute unabridged audiobook released in 2014. If you’re in the mood for a page-turning thrill ride, Missing You will do. No gratuitous sex, no language issues, just simply a good story.

A female New York police officer, jilted 18 years ago, is still single, and never got over her fiancé. Her best girl friend sets her up with an on-line dating site and guess who she finds? Yep, the old flame … but, he brushes her off. A teenaged boy asks her to find his missing mother, but is she really missing or on a long-weekend date? Her father, also an NYPD officer, was murdered 18 years ago … who killed him and why? There. Put all this together, stir it up in in a seamless, fast-paced mystery and you have Missing You. None of the above is a spoiler, you’ll learn this all in the first few pages.

You’ll be quite a way through this novel before these disparate events begin to link up and you’ll have more than one suspect. Word to the wise: be careful with these on-line dating sites. Yikes.

LaVoy does a good job creating unique voices for male and female characters alike, young and old. A bit slow for me, bumped it up to 1.25.

Good mystery. Enjoy!



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