Written by Daniel Suarez, narrated by Jeff Gurner, 13 hrs and 45 mins, an unabridged audiobook released in 2014.

Influx is a wonderfully creative story, unlike anything I’ve read in recent years. A nasty, covert organization takes it upon themselves to protect humanity from technology advances. Brilliant scientists (Think Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, etc.) are abducted and imprisoned so that their technology inventions and research are deep-sixed … the rest of the world isn’t smart enough to reign in these advances … like fusion or gravity controls, immortality … we all need protection from our own intelligence and innovations. Example … there is a cure for cancer. But, isn’t cancer a method of population control? The earth couldn’t support a population bloom resulting from cancer cures, right? Thus is the thrust. That, and a greedy control freak is in charge.

There is considerably geeky high-tech that readers smarter than me may understand, but much of the science is way over my head. Sort of like Andy Weir’s Martian. Lots of scientific explanations … too many for my taste and frankly, a bit boring.  But there is also considerable advanced thinking of technology of the future … fun to imagine. According to Daniel Suarez, we’ve moved forward a lot, we just don’t know it … smart phones and Facebook are a joke!! If you’re a bit squeamish, be aware there are some gruesome torture scenes vividly described, nothing sexual but ewwwww.

Jeff Gurner is enthusiastic in narration, albeit a bit slow for my taste – bumped it up to 1.5. Male and female voices are fine and you’ll have no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who.

The story is wild and dystopian science fiction; if you enjoy stretching your imagination with this genre, you’ll enjoy Influx.



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