Written by Sandra Brown, narrated by Stephen Lang, 11 hrs and 39 mins in the unabridged audiobook version released in August 2015.

A widower, and drop dead handsome Texas Ranger who has a short fuse, is confronted with a custody battle. His case is on the docket with a drop dead pretty judge. No spoiler, you’ll figure this out within the first chapter … but, he will save the judge’s life. We’re off and running with the who-and-why of subsequent thrills and chills.

I like Sandra Brown, her novels are always a fun who-done-it type mystery. But, there are many elements of this story I personally found very contrived. The judge is too subservient to the misogynistic attitude of the male lead, for one. He’s not physically abusive at all, just grated me the way he bullied and always seemed to get away with being an ass – the type A personality of the guy is a bit over the top and obnoxious.

I know sex sells (duh), but I really would like to see a talented author like Brown use her skills without including the requisite/required come-hither sexual crap. This is a great story without the wet panties, slamming against walls, slippery skin … yada-yada. There was a lot going on in this story, the transparent and silly sex scenes weren’t needed to create a great mystery.

*sigh* Be prepared to roll your eyes … especially with the first encounter … it’s ridiculous and would never have happened.

Pretty good good mystery or poorly written love story … you be the judge.



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