Closer Than You Think is written by Karen Rose, narrated by Hillary Huber, and an unabridged audiobook about 28.5 hours of listening. This is book 1 in the series dubbed  Cincinnati.

This is a long book, a police procedural. The lead character is on the run from her career as a court appointed counselor to abused women/children. Part of the job requirements is her attention to the perverted men that have perpetrated the evil deeds and squirmed through the system. One such evil-doer is on a ‘get even’ hunt for her … or so we’re led to believe through at least the first two-thirds of the book … then … well, no spoilers, but we’re left uncertain for quite a while.

An interesting segue in this story is the Waardenburg Syndrome … Google to learn more … but it’s a genetic issue which causes unusual eye, skin, hair color – sometimes deafness.

Personally, I found narration to be way too slow, ergo bumped it to 1.5, male voices were pretty good. The lead character is a bit too ‘swooney’ with regard to some mawkish loves scenes … you may roll your eyes a bit. But, it seems these are required elements when you have a drop-dead-handsome FBI agent hero and a damsel-in-distress heroine. These romance scenes always come across as contrived, but that’s just me. You may like the wet panties references *sigh-fast-forward*.

Nice twists, easy listen. If you’re in the mood for a who-done-it, this ‘ll do.



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