Narrated by Anne Twomey and just over fifteen hours of listening. After reading this book you will be very familiar with kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, the study of human movement. So familiar that you’ll wonder why the the word ‘kinesis’ is mentioned so often – over and over and over again. In my opinion, it was a bit of an overkill in character defining. The lead is a female police detective, formerly a jury consultant, with this unique talent – the best human kinetics analyst in the world (This fact should have her working for the FBI or something, not just a detective, I would think). The evil-doer is a Charles Manson type, a narcissistic-cold-blooded-cult-leading-killer. The story is a study in the whole cult phenomenon – how people are sucked in, particularly vulnerable young women.

The author synopsis tells the basics, a cult leader escape from prison. The story proceeds through his revenge targeting and the resulting chase and a great deal – I mean a lot – of kinetic analysis. In the last few minutes of the book, we’re reminded that the lead character is a kinesis analyst – in case the listener forgot, I guess. Really.

Narration by Anne Twomey is okay, albeit a bit monotone for my taste. She does not go to great effort in creating unique voices, especially male character voices.

Not one of Jeff Deaver’s better books. An abridged audiobook version might be better.



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