Narrated by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy, The Forgotten is approximately 12.5 hours of listening. What’s not to like? Baldacci has produced a number of great stories since he hit the jackpot with his breakout novel, Absolute Power in the late nineties. Fifteen years later and he’s still pumping out a new novel at least once a year. The Forgotten has been in my queue for a few years and it is part of a series. The lead, John Puller, is a tough-guy-combat-veteran type A character that doesn’t hesitate to kill the bad-guy. But, he has a well concealed gentle heart, especially when his sexy boss is in the picture.

There are a ton of reviews and the author summary is a good synopsis. The uniqueness of this story is the fact that it gives us a peek into the private life of Puller and his childhood. If you like the Puller series, this one fits right in and you’ll enjoy.

Can’t say enough about the narration – McLarty and Cassidy are just great, smooth transitions. Worth a listen!



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