Narrated by Morven Christie, Lucy Gaskell – Length: 10 hrs and 7 mins. This is a WWII story, unique in that the lead characters are two women, a pilot, and a radio operator. One is captured by the Gestapo, tortured, and  interrogated as a spy. During her capture, she writes what the Gestapo define as a confession, and it is actually a very long-winded and literary story of her friendship with the other female lead. There are thousands of ratings and reviews, average rating is well over 4 star.

It’s not that good, in my humble opinion. No spoilers, but there are a few circumstances in this story that simply wouldn’t have happened – some absurdly coincidental instances. I realize that it is fiction and the author is entitled to license – but – it’s not a good idea to force a  reader to stretch beyond the conceivable unless the book is clearly SciFi. Also, it’s a bit of a chic-lit or young adult book, even though it is not a love story. This is about two young women who have a special friendship. Throw in the whole-world-is-collapsing-around-us-WWII stuff, and you have a unique bond.

Narration is disappointing. You will definitely have a problem discerning who is speaking at the moment – which one of the two? Rewind hell.  The voices are not unique, even though one is from Scotland and the other Manchester.

I’m a bit flummoxed- the story and the narration do not warrant all the oohs and ahhs of the reviews posted to date. Not my cup ‘o tea.



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