The Atlantis Gene is close to sixteen hours of listening, narrated by Stephen Bel Davies.

Narration is fine, no issues.

First, let me say I really enjoy apocalyptic stories and I’m always looking for a good one. Sadly, there aren’t very many.

This book, in my opinion, is a good five hours longer than needed. Very convoluted and difficult to follow; an editor should have pared this story down considerably and made it simpler and more pleasurable to read. I found myself jumping back several chapters several times. A rewind nightmare. The story jumps around in time from a gazillion years ago, to WWI, WWII Nazis, modern day. There are many scenes/situations that add nothing to the story/plot other than making it more complex.

The story is overwritten considerably, or my simple mind simply couldn’t keep it straight :-).

The Atlantas Gene is book one in a series, and this reader will not be proceeding. The books in the series all have an average four star rating. Beats me. A few reviewers do agree with my ‘meh’ opinion, however.

Proceed at your peril. Not my cup ‘o tea.



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