The Rad Misfits is a dystopian novel young adults will really take pleasure in reading. Don’t hesitate to make this a gift and introduce a young person to the joys of reading. The story begins with backstory description of world definition. Solar storms have virtually decimated the surroundings we know and the only survivors are pregnant women. Technology and modern convenience is part of the past. As the story progresses, we learn that others survive, but only to young adults in their 30s.

Is there hope for the future? Will the sickness prevail? How … or will … civilization move forward? No secrets, you need to delve into the wonderful and unique world created by Marlina Williams and explore for yourself!

The only reason I can’t go five stars is the eBook has a glitch in links. I fanned through the pages of the paperback on Amazon, which seems to be fine. So, don’t be discouraged with minor distractions. Could simply be a bad download on my Kindle system.

This is a great first novel and I look forward to subsequent releases. Enjoy!!



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