The Bastard’s Blade is a character driven medieval romance. Mature content. A young widow is thrust into circumstances typical of the era and she resigns herself to an unwanted fate. The author accurately portrays the unfair chauvinism she was subjected to, a symptom of the times. However, true love is not to be denied simply because of these horrible dictums. No secrets, but you’ll admire the lead character and root for her immediately and throughout some surprising plot twists.

The romantic elements are very sensual. Description is well done and tasteful, albeit passionate and erotic. So, know your recipient if this book is to be a gift. At just over four hundred pages, The Bastard’s Blade is a page-turning fantasy with great description, crisp and meaningful dialogue. Admirable research using words and text very emblematic of medieval times, nicely done!

Great story. If you like the romantic medieval romance genre, this is the book for you. Enjoy!!



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