Rogue Lawyer is narrated by Mark Deakins and is 11.5 hours of listening. I was anxious to download this audiobook as I’m a big fan of John Grisham. Well … it’s a disappointment and I recommend you not waste your money.

This is the first Grisham I’ve read/listened to that was completely devoid of a character to like. The lead is a self-absorbed, snarky, irreverent ass. It’s no wonder his life is such a mess. A defense attorney that prides working for the indigent or underdog is a good thing, but this jerk seems to care not a bit as to how absolutely degenerate his client is … the scum of the earth. Frankly, these are people who, in my opinion, aren’t worthy of any defense … let ‘m burn … and I’m not kidding. These people are murderers, abusers, absolutely worthless human beings. However, our narcissistic Rogue Lawyer will happily take them on as clients – the lower the better. Maybe he’ll get his name in the newspaper or his face on the television; he likes that sort of thing. Then boom, he’s taking on the (always) bad guy police to defend an innocent man who’s wife and dogs are murdered in a jack-booted-thug police swat invasion. This was the only redeeming element in the Rogue Lawyer story. A disjointed compilation of weakly related shorts, not the typical beginning-middle-end novel. The stories loosely tie together, but badly executed and predictable.

Personally annoying … Rogue Lawyer is a platform for left wing sniping. I actually agree with some of the general opinons … but gimme a break! Wrong forum and completely unfair to the audience of Grisham fans. Certainly not what I expected.

As for narration … Deakins does okay. No issues.

Proceed if you’re a die-hard Grisham fan, but don’t expect something as terrific as A Time To Kill, King of Torts, The Firm, etc, and many other Grisham stories.  Sorry, John. This one is an oops.



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