Wonderfully narrated by John Rubinstein, Brothers and Bones is about fifteen hours of listening. Briefly, a Boston lawyer learns that his older brother, who had been missing for thirteen years, may still be alive. That’s is the basic thrust of the story.

Beyond this simple plot, however, are well rounded characters, terrific descriptions, and thrilling life-and-death situations. There are quite a few cliche comparisons that are a bit too frequent for my taste. However, the story is written in first person, ergo, a character trait may be the intent of the author. After all, we all think and speak in cliches.

The story held my attention, never had to re-wind. Minor romance element, and clean. Don’t hesitate to select as a gift. For the most part, a very well thought out mystery, with lots of interesting twists. Narration is excellent, unique voices, just the right amount of emoting.




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