A Date With Angel begins with the lead character, Kim, stargazing, albeit not enthusiasticly. She is distracted by a cry in the dark and investigates. In a distant parking lot, she spots a naked woman struggling into a t-shirt. The author explains Kim’s normal reaction this way:

Anyone who had ever seen the movies knew that when killer robots from the future journey back through time, they always arrived naked.

You’d be correct in assuming the lead character is a video gaming nerd and thus begins the hilarious adventure of a geek and her alien lover, Angel. Can’t give away any secrets, this is simply a great, funny romp. A Date With Angel is LGBTQ, ergo, know your audience, should this be a gift.

Unusual for a first novel, A Date With Angel is available in multiple formats. eBook, paperback, and audio. Do yourself a favor and read/listen to a terrific first release by this talented author.



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