1. CO2 – that’s carbon dioxide. It’s comes from burning fossil fuels, like coal. Emissions, like smoke stacks and automobiles.
    1. China #1 culprit.
    2. United States a distant 2nd, like half as much.
    3. Way less, Europe, but, they’re guilty, too.
  2. Methane Gas
    1. Cows fart all over the world. It’s also caused by things such plant growth … and we all gotta eat. But, the most comes from:
      1. China, then
      2. United States
    2. Oceans are the 2nd highest source of methane gas. Who’d a thunk.
  3. Deforestation – that’s cutting down trees. Lots of trees.
    1. Russa
    2. Brazil
    3. Canada
    4. United States

Since world population is incredibly higher than say, 200 years ago, it would stand to reason that 1, 2, and 3 are also skyrocketing. We’re burning more fuels, farming more because of so many needing food sources, and cutting down more trees so all these people have somewhere to live.

It’s silly to deny Global Warming and think otherwise. Population growth is not cyclical … it is on the upswing … all the time. It’s a simple fact.

So … addressing the problems of Global Warming is going to involve more than one country.

Donchathink? Shoot holes in my theory?

I love Google.


One Response to What causes Global Warming?

  1. E.D. Martin says:

    There seems to be one constant on all three of those lists. I agree it’ll take more than one country to solve the problem, but one country needs to get their act together to start reducing their carbon footprint, eat less cows, and plant more trees.

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