Narrated by Titus Welliver and just over nine hours of listening. Over the past ten years or more, I’ve listened to about a dozen books by Connelly and have enjoyed them all. For the most part, these books are in the Harry Bosch series. In all these years I’ve developed a preference for the ‘voice’ of Harry Bosch, which has included narrators Len Cariou, Peter Giles, Dick Hill, and  more. I have a favorite, but basically, especially in The Crossing, Harry Bosch should sound much older, a man in his late 50s or early 60s … he’s retired and should have a more grizzled, gruff voice. Titus Welliver sounds too virile and young. Okay for the voice of Mickey Haller … but not Harry Bosch. My opinion. Shoot me.

That said, The Crossing is very typical of Connelly. A great deal of thought and effort went into plot. The story begins with Mickey Haller needing some investigative help, and he calls on his retired half-brother, Harry Bosch. Harry isn’t particularly interested in working on the ‘dark side’, i.e., for a defense lawyer. Harry has always worked to bring the guilty to justice and isn’t interested in helping get a bad guy off the hook. That which piques Harry’s interest a suspicion that the man his brother is defending is innocent. Thus is the premise of The Crossing. Good guys and bad guys waltz through the pages, including bad cops. You’ll have little trouble picking them out!

Welliver does an okay job with narration, with the codicil above. Like I said, I have a preference. *Waves at Dick Hill*



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