Narrated by a cast of five actors, The American Fathers Episode 1 is a short audiobook, 58 minutes. Sound effects are sprinkled throughout the prose. This combination, i.e., the length, cast, and sound effects, brought to mind radio mysteries. Well produced.

Both dialogue and narration are excellent. Snappy and authentic. The cast of actors does a terrific job in transitions with voices/characters. You’ll find a seamless reading and will have absolutely no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who.

Although the story itself is short, the topic is intriguing. In a not-too-distant future, a very powerful movement will thrust the country into a haves and have-nots culture. Dynasties of enormous wealth call the shots and there are a few who see a future of unknown but certain failures of a catastrophic nature. Two women find their commonalities are deeper than their similar viewpoints and a predicable liaison ensues.

With The American Fathers Episode 1, a lot happens in a short time. Note  this book is for mature audiences and is LGBTQ.

The quality of this work is very good. But, you may be disappointed in the brevity.




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