The audiobook version of Night Shift is just over seven hours of listening, narrated by Kate Rudd.

Character development is problematic with this story. Both main characters come across as over-the-top and sweaty romance-novel corny. The type-A cop is strong, gritty, handsome, hunky, patronizing. The female lead is vulnerable, swooney, with transparent infusions of inner strength mixed with girly-virginal dependence. Sound familiar? “You Tarzan, me stupid” is actually phrase in the book … meh. It would be funnier if the characters weren’t so stereotypical.

That said, also very typical of Nora Roberts, the fundamentals are there for an interesting procedural. There is a bad-guy out there, stalking and terrifying. He’s calling a late night radio personality and threatening her life. Enter Tarzan-hero cop.

About 70% of the story is devoted to the come-hither-get-away romance, 30% to the stalker mystery. Kate Rudd narration is okay, nothing special, but listenable.

For the most part, Night Shift is a weak effort, in my opinion. Nora Roberts has created better stuff. But, that’s just me….you may love it!




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