Audiobook close to eleven hours of listening, narrated by William Dufris. If you are looking for a book based on the movie of the same name, this is not the same story. The movie is regarding space junk  slamming into the space shuttle. This book is the story of a deadly pathogen that has infested the International Space Station.

This is a worthy listen. Tess Gerritsen did a considerable degree of research, or if not, has a terrific imagination. Technical errors will slip right by the average reader (listener), or anyone not schooled in medical science or space station environmental detail.

The lead character is the team doctor, astronaut Emma Watson. Her husband has washed out of the astronaut program due to a minor health issue and has the typical male reaction … they’re in the process of divorce. In an effort to make the space station profitable, NASA is providing zero gravity experimental expertise to private companies. Astronauts conduct and monitor experiments in close collaboration with these companies and their scientists. One such project goes horribly wrong. Is this an accident, terrorism, a personal vendetta? Under the threat of a world pandemic and space station employees becoming infected, NASA fights not only the pathogen, but the United States military. From 19,000 feet below the ocean surface to orbiting the earth 250 miles above, thrills abound. Nice tension, unexpected events. Lots of goo and gore.  Thus is the thrust of Gravity.

Very little profanity, always appropriately timed. No gratuitous sex scenes, a clean read.

Dufris is an excellent narrator. Great job with male and female voices alike.

Don’t hesitate to provide as a gift. Stayed up too late! Enjoy.



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