On the short side at just over six hours of listening, Gabriel’s Angel is narrated by Todd Haberkorn. Pacing, tempo fine. Haberkorn does a credible job with male and female voices alike, a particularly good effort voicing seniors.

On a dark mountain road in near blizzard conditions, a very pregnant woman has a spin-out accident. She nearly collides with a ruggedly handsome artist/painter. Her car disabled, the two main characters spend a platonic few weeks stranded in his mountain cabin. No secrets given, this foundation is put forth by Nora Roberts early in the story.

Where she was going, where she was from, her history, his history, etc., all is revealed as the remainder of the story unfolds. And … this is a Nora Roberts romance, after all … the two leads fall in love and overcome all obstacles in their paths. A happily-ever-after, curl-up-on-the-sofa love story. No big twists, nothing is a surprise, events are predictable. Not terribly deep, not intended to be. Not explicit in sex or language, much is fade-to-black. If you are among Nora Roberts’ legion of fans, you’ll enjoy!




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