Just under ten hours of listening, narrated by Gerard Doyle.

This is a novel narrated with an Irish accent, and unless/until you get used to the cadence, some listeners might find it annoying. Most sentences end with a raised inflection, like a question. Suggest that you listen to the Audible sample before making the investment. If I had, I probably would not have purchased this book, the reading was ’not my cup ‘o tea’ … but, it is a good mystery.

Falling Glass is a tale surrounding the escape of a woman and her children from her husband, a wealthy businessman. The woman learns, accidentally, that the man has a dangerous past … no spoilers, but that past is revealed about mid-way through the story. The man hires a tinker-turned-investigaor to hunt her down, and he ultimately becomes her protector.

Falling Glass is a good mystery, albeit not a page-turning thriller. You know who-done-it right out of the chute, the journey to a satisfying conclusion is a curl-up-on-the-sofa Agatha Christie-type story. Recommended with a ‘listen to the sample first’ warning.




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