Narrated by Nick Podehl and just over seventeen hours of listening.

Black Hills is a mystery-love story. One aspect of the story is the terrific mystery of a serial killer. The second aspect is a love story that spans decades, from childhood through … well, getting back together again.

The love story may have you grinding your teeth, as it comes across very contrived. Over-the-top behavior by both the female and male leads, mawkish sex scenes … and typical of Nora Roberts, based on an interesting premise. Personally, I think the two leads were too damned nasty to each other … people who love each other aren’t so … well … obnoxious. The Type A lead male character isn’t very likable, and in my opinion, is a chauvinistic ass. But, that’s just me.

The two meet as children when he is forced by his New York parents to live on rural farm with his grandparents. He hates it until he meets a feisty young girl and love blooms. Life has them move in different directions and years pass. He comes home again to a grown woman with a life she loves as the owner of a successful wildlife sanctuary. Sparks fly as they battle through the whys of their paths, choices, and love. In the meantime, a serial killer lurks. Thus is the thrust of Black Hills. Very good research of wildlife care and behavior of big cats, and wildlife tracking.

The story is nicely narrated by Podehl, good pacing and voicing of all characters.




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