Narration by Ray Porter, approximately eleven hours of listening. A US submarine, cruising the frigid waters of northern Alaska, broadcasts an urgent message to the honchoes in Washington. They are suffering from an unknown ailment, a fire on board, and are stranded on the ice in tents. The dire circumstances bring together a team of experts, raise the suspicions of the Chinese/Russians, and the rest of the world panics. Wonderful descriptions of the desolate and frighteningly frigid area, clues to the sickness are examined, dismissed, re-thought. A platonic love affair is requisite and included, albeit the type A lead character has occasional twelve-year-old-boy thoughts at stupid moments … sigh.

Ray Porter does an okay job, no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who.

If you’re a fan of potentially apocalyptic stories that have a happy ending, you’ll like White Plague. It’s easy to follow along, fun to guess. Made-for-TV moments abound, but White Plague not gray-matter material, just a pleasant mystery. Enjoy!




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