The Search is another Nora Roberts story that has been re-released as technology has moved forward since the originally published hardback. Different covers, different formats, same book. The setting starts quickly with the disappearance of a little boy from a park cabin. The main character, a dog trainer, begins a volunteer search and rescue and finds the boy within a few hours. No secrets, this is simply the avenue used to introduce the story environment and the strong and independent lead character, Fiona.

With a handsome and reclusive local artist, Simon, Fiona has a come-hither relationship that blooms into an affair, and the predictable happens. Found myself fast-forwarding through mawkish and contrived girl-gets-boy-gets-girl gooey stuff in pursuit of a decent story of stalking and murder. Fiona is the only person to have escaped a serial killer. The man is now in prison for a spree which included the revenge killing of her then cop-fiancé and his K9 partner. Ten years have passed, Fiona has a new life … and the killing rampage is repeated by a copycat. Fiona a presumed target.

Some interesting details about dog training and search and rescue technique. Beyond the typical Nora Roberts love-story-drama, several dogs play minor characters any dog lover will enjoy.

Tanya Eby does an okay job of narration, male voices included. No trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who, nice pacing, a pleasant fifteen hours of listening. If you’re a Nora Roberts fan, you’ll enjoy.




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