About eleven hours of listening, read by David Chandler, book 14 in the Joe Pickett series. This is a fun mystery. Bad guys, good guys, and sweet romance (no erotica) traverse the pages and you’ll have fun following along. This adventure takes Joe Pickett to a remote area of Wyoming in an effort to track an elusive and wealthy murder-for-hire despot at the same time his daughter deals with a college campus mass shooter.

David Chandler does a nice job – male and female voices, the point of view is that of the lead character, Joe Pickett. Nice narration. No trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who.

Joe Pickett is the focal character for a number of C. J. Box novels, and I’ve fallen into the series having read book 14 and 15 at this point. Joe is a wildlife ranger/officer, who also does side-jobs for the governor. Nora Robert’s Anna Pigeon comes to mind. These two novels have convinced me to start the series at the beginning … I’ve become a fan! No problem jumping into the middle of this series, however. The stories stand alone with a little teaser to move on.

Enjoy ~




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