Under ten hours of listening, narrated by Henry Leyva.

There are several reviews of the audiobook that are critical of accents. Guess I’m just not that picky, because it didn’t bother me. The main character has a bland midwestern ‘accent’. The other Maine characters sound fine to me, a pretty good effort on the part of the narrator to make the characters unique. Besides, everybody in the northeast US talks funny, don’t they? So I guess unless you are actually from that area, you’re not going to have a problem with narration … Henry Leyva is pretty good, in my opinion … and I’ve listened to thousands of audiobooks. There. Shoot me.

The story is that of a Maine wildlife warden, son of a worthless, narcassistic man who is an abusive, backwoods, poaching drunk. But, hey … he’s ‘dad’, and accused of murder. Faithful son, the wildlife warden who hasn’t heard from dad in years, is compelled to believe in dad’s innocence. Thus is the thrust of The Poacher’s Son.

There are a few spots that caused my eyes to glaze, flashbacks to childhood, etc., areas that didn’t move the story forward, in my opinion. But, for the most part, this is an interesting who-done-it. Learned a bit about Maine and there are nice passages about the backwoods and beauty of the area. According to Doiron, the weather is very warm/hot … huh, would ‘a thought snowy.

A nice listen, worth the listen. Enjoy!




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