Audiobook close to eight hours of listening, narration by David Chandler.

Open Season is book #1 in the Joe Pickett series. Pickett is a wildlife/game warden who’s exploits will bring to mind Nevada Barr’s character, Anna Pigeon. I’ve become a fan of Pickett via accidentally reading book 15, possibly in an Audible Daily Deal, and purchased book 14. I enjoyed the stories enough to revert to the beginning of the series. My initial reaction is sad … in books 14, 15 Joe Pickett’s faithful dog is named Daisy, and in book 1, he has an eight-year-old retriever named Maxine. Although Joe’s dog is not a major character, she is a regular companion. Not going to give any spoiler. But … what can I say, I love dogs, and it would seem Maxine’s future is doomed at some point in the series.

Open Season starts this series, and Joe Pickett is a wet-behind-the-ears game officer, the father of two little girls, with a beautiful, pregnant wife. His first adventure surrounds a mysterious wild animal that was thought to be extinct. The little meerkat-like creature is the catalyst for a myriad of characters to show the true colors of greed and not-so-altruistic agendas. A fairly innocuous career of game warden is far more dangerous than one would believe!

No profanity, no explicit sex, a ‘clean’ read. Nice mystery and a pleasant introduction to a lengthy series. Narration by David Chandler is fine; you’ll have no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who. Enjoy!




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