About 10.5 hours in length, read by David Chandler. This story is part of the Joe Pickett series of novels created by Box. Endangered falls into a category of police procedurals. Joe Pickett is a fish and wildlife officer and the exploit, his career choice, etc., might remind one of Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon. Until getting into the tale, I wasn’t aware that this story is part of a series. Not to worry, though, as these books stand alone. Some characters trickle through all novels, like Joe Pickett, his kids, family, temporary peripheral characters, etc. But, I inadvertently jumped into the middle of the series and still enjoyed … this is book 15, I believe.

Joe Pickett’s daughter is found near-death, beaten to a pulp, on the side of a road. His best friend is ambushed, also near death. The governor wants Joe to get to the bottom of the slaughter of an “endangered” species of bird. Three disparate issues artfully woven together are the thrust of Endangered.

The reading by David Chandler is great, and apparently he is the reader for more than one of the Joe Pickett books. Chandler does a good job with both male and female characters creating some very unique voices, nicely done. I liked the story immensely, particularly the psychopathic family Joe confronts.  Endangered is a fun read … a page-turner … yes, audiobooks can be page-turners :-). Don’t hesitate to jump into the middle of this series; you don’t need to start at the beginning. Enjoy!!




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