At approximately 250 pages in length, Beasts and Savages is a young adult SciFi novel surrounding the adventures of Lea, a young girl in a wonderfully imaginative world. The story is a breakout novel by Emma Woods, and I would really love to go 5 stars. However, there are a few minor issues of spelling, scene break, etc., very minor and the reason for the 4 star rating.

In this extremely creative domain, women are breeders and hunters of men, and men are savages and serve only one biological purpose. Girl children are coveted and raised by women, boy children reared by men to fulfill a single purpose that results in sacrificing their lives … or so we believe.

The story begins with Lea facing physical changes that eventually confront all young ladies. But, with twists that are in one way creative and in another … well, I can only say ‘yikes’! Suspend belief and you’re in for a delightful romp through an extraordinary tale.

No language issues, no graphic sex, no dragons, no vampires. What is it then? Well, a really, really fun story – great ending. Don’t hesitate to purchase as a gift.




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