Nine hours, forty minutes of listening and read by Saul Reichlin. The Hunting Dogs is a modern-day police procedural, centering on righting the wrongs of planted evidence that convicted a man of murder seventeen years ago. The ‘dogs’ referenced in the title aren’t man’s-best-friend-dogs, rather they are the police, doggedly solving a murder. The detective leading the original investigation, William Wisting, is now an elder cop, highly respected. Suspended pending the outcome, he and his journalist daughter dissect old records, chew away at Agatha-Christie-type clues, and search for the bad-guys.

The story has the expected subtly of European prose, quite a bit of text extraneously and verbose. The Hunting Dogs brings to mind a BBC Television who-done-it. The audiobook is well produced, Saul Reichlin does an okay job, female voices included … his British accent fits well with the story.

No explicit sex, no profanity, clean as a whistle. Let teens read. If you enjoy a cozy mystery, Sherlock Holmes stories, etc., you’l like The Hunting Dogs. Enjoy!




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