About ten hours of listening, read by Dan John Miller. Miller has read other Steel books. Males reading romance novels is silly, in my opinion, especially one written by a woman. It just doesn’t work. But, that’s just me.

Power Play is the author’s perception of the business CEO. Moral of the story? Men can pretty much do whatever they please, women … not so much. Nothing knew there. Typical of Steel, eyes fill with tears, the comeuppance due is soundly delivered, and no surprise … a happy-happy-happy ending. Two CEOs, one male, one female, are the protagonists. The male is a philanderer, with a sad-sac mistress, a ‘good wife’, and has kids by both women; he’s a scumbag. The female is a goody-two-shoes-mom-of-the-year single mother. The story parallels their two lives and the reader is gifted with the knowledge of sexual disparities as old as time itself.

If you like Danielle Steel, you’ll enjoy another brainless-beach-read, i.e., Steel stories aren’t intended to increase gray-matter. If you don’t like Steel, well … you probably won’t even pick up Power Play :-).




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