Read by Coleen Marlo and just over ten hours of listening.

Gave this story a good try, listened for three hours. There are a number of reasons I’m done. One, the dog does not behave like a police dog. Eating evidence at a crime scene? Ignoring commands? Humping another dog during training class? Really? Are you serious? Two, the attempt by the author at humor is just that, an attempt. Granted, some of the commentary is funny, but little comes across naturally, it is all very forced and unreal. Three, the snarky attitude of the lead character isn’t realistic and her short fuse is phony and put on, as is her immediately turning into a weak-kneed-valley-girl-moron when ever a good-looking man appears. Eyes rolling until facing the back of my head.

The narrator is okay, just dealing as best she can with the material. There are a bunch of nice reviews … so, you may see something of value in this story, beats me.




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