Just over eight hours of listening, Forever Black is book one of a series. Forever Black was presented to me in an Audible.com member special of $4.95 books. Considering the blurb was an interesting premise … a beautiful young woman accidently meets a handsome CEO … was intriguing enough to jump into a series.

Throw realism out the window with character behavior and medical research. The female lead has the maturity of a child, the problems of an adult, the body of a woman. It’s pretty much representative of the the writing, i.e., very teenage-girl-like in prose, situations, character deportment … silly, contrived, and juvenile … especially the female lead.

Read by Felicity Munroe and David Benjamin Bliss … okay. The reader(s) did the best they could with the material they had. No trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who.

If you like sappy, girly, eye-rolling fantasy, have at it … but this type of make-believe-50-shadeish-stuff isn’t my cup ‘o tea. Fast-forwarded a lot … finally couldn’t finish, and not interested in subsequent books in the series.




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