Narrated by Sandra Burr and just under ten hours of listening. Dance Upon the Air is book one in a trilogy, specifically, the Three Sisters Island Trilogy originally released in 2008 and I purchased book one as part of an membership deal. The story centers on the spousal abuse of a woman who fakes her own death and escapes to a vacation-type island. She quickly befriends a ‘witch’ who hires her to run a cafè. Our lead character soon discovers she is also a witch and the story focuses primarily on her vulnerability, her need to ‘hide’, her fear of discovery. Throw in a … wait for it … handsome sheriff.

A bit over-the-top as it pertains to the obsessive husband, but we need a bad-guy, so….. also, the handsome cop gets very angry in a too-contrived manner near the end of the story. No spoiler, but his reaction to some obvious news is a bit eye-rolling. A significant number of sex scenes, some gratuitous, in my opinion … but, Roberts usually throws in a few, so they’re expected. The occult history of the island is fun to read, some very lovely descriptions.

The reading by Sandra Burr is good, nice male and female voices, good tempo. Easy read (listen). If you’re a fan of the Nora Roberts formulaic boy-gets-girl love story, you’ll enjoy. Good beach book, but the sequels aren’t in my immediate reading list.




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