Ten and one half hours of listening, read by the author. Audiobooks narrated by the author are always a treat. The interpretation of words written is not speculated upon in the audio performance. You will hear a more exacting rendition of the author intent. Little is left to the imagination in the pages of Certainty. This is an adult-themed story. Certainty is not appropriate for anyone too young to understand alternate sexual preferences or lifestyles. Certainty is a fictional representation of a true story; an essay can be found here: Newport Sex Scandal, 1919-21 (Essay), also Wikipedia. (Note: Links may change.)

The book is a fairly accurate representation of historical events, although many conversations are likely pure speculation. The present collective tolerance of the gay lifestyle, the 2015 passage of gay marriage rights by the United States Supreme Court, etc., is a far cry from the world opinion of 1920. As an example, much of Certainty is a court-room drama. Because of the cultural sensitivities of the time to male homosexual specifics, women were forbidden from the courts. Go figure.

The title references the absolute ‘certainty’ of innocence. There is a relentless need by some to avenge loss regardless of the path taken or the pain caused. Some areas are a little too religious and preachy for my taste, but that’s just me.

Century is well read; this is a very topical story given recent headlines.  The issue is an old one that was once shoved into a closet. This story is an insight to that era and thinking. Enjoy!




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