Read by the author and just over eleven hours of listening. William Fisher, Gary Powers, and Frederic Pryor are the focus of Bridge of Spies. Most Americans have at least heard the name Gary Powers. He’s the U2 pilot that was captured by the Soviets and accused of spying. There is even a museum today in Russia with the wreckage of his airplane …  repeat: today. Old cold war enmities still exist, huh. Well, the fact is, he really was spying … a truism and embarrassment for the United States at the time. But … our soviet friends were not innocent victims in the spy games, as Nikita Khrushchev wanted the world to buy into his righteous indignation at the time.

The book is not a novel, it is not the thrill ride of a fictional James Bond (Fleming) or Mitch Rapp (Flynn) or Jason Bourne (Ludlum), etc. Bridge of Spies is the more mundane, and equally deadly, truth of spies … American, British, Soviet, and the political leadership behind the espionage … they’re all guilty, spying was (and still is) a truism.

Narration is great. It’s always nice to hear the words of the author as he intended.

Read this book as a prelude to understanding the upcoming movie to be released the fall of 2015 starring Tom Hanks. Who doesn’t like Tom :-).





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