About a year ago, I read and reviewed the paperback/ebook version of The Lone Wolf  by E. D. Martin, and very much enjoyed this character driven story. Because I found the story so engaging, I purchased the audio version via Audible.com .

The Lone Wolf is just over eleven hours of listening. There is an old axiom about audiobooks and this story falls well into the parameters: A good narrator will make an already good book better. It is wonderfully narrated by Holly Adams, all voices nicely done, including those of men and a child. This is a story of infidelity, loss, love, frustration, parenting, belief in one’s self and God, tragedy, joy, sadness, the travesty of post-traumatic-stress … it’s really all there, and very true to life.

Even if you have the paperback and/or Kindle/ebook, do yourself a favor and listen to this story. It is truly an amazing insight into the human condition and delightfully read by Holly Adams.




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