One Lavender Ribbon is just under eleven hours of listening read by Emily Sutten-Smith. A divorcee invests in a sea-side mansion in need of restoration and discovers a hidden treasure of letters written by a soldier during WWII. The story surrounds the woman’s efforts to solve the mystery of a U S soldier with the 101st (think D-Day, Battle of the Bulge heroism) and letters that profess love and his motivations to survive the war and come home. A nice love story, very romantic, but sometimes you may struggle not to role your eyes. I actually had to fast-forward through some of this gooey stuff, and grit my teeth a few times regarding the two lead characters (She should have kicked him to the curb, in my opinion he was an ass, but … no spoilers). Wonderfully poetic prose in places, specifically in the letters. Don’t hesitate to give as a gift to a teenaged girl.

Emily Sutten-Smith does a fine job, nice voices, male included. If you’re a fan of sweet romance, meaning no erotica, are Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts love-story fan, you will enjoy!




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