Matters of the Heart is ten hours of listening, read by Mel Foster.

You’re pushing fifty, divorced, a well known and professional photographer, smart.  Life has hardened you with the death of an adult child but, you’re content with your life. You have no financial worries, the ex has left you very wealthy. This is the main character who suddenly develops the brains of a doorknob. Typical of Danielle Steel books, our lead character is going to be swept off her feet. Her paramour shows immediate signs of blind obsession, extreme possessiveness, and childish jealousy. He lies about pretty much everything. The guy is an out-of-control high-speed train that hurtles toward the main character and she stupidly allows him to bully her in every way … even pregnancy! It’s like women over fifty become completely brain dead with the ‘love’ of a man! Really….

Yikes. Not an uplifting story. After the half-way mark I started skipping chapters and didn’t miss a thing. Transparent and repetitive. Maybe I’m getting too old to enjoy Danielle Steel books. I used to, but ….. hey, come to think of it … Danielle is getting older, too. So……?????

Mel Foster does an okay job, but I’d prefer Steel books are read by a woman. All of her main characters are women, so …. a female reader is more realistic with regard to point-of-view. Just my opinion.

Love Steel and you’ll like the book. I suppose if a book can evoke emotion, it’s a good story. Given that, the main character did evoke frustration. I wanted to shake her and say, “You stupid f**k!”




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