Legacy is about ten hours of listening, read by Arthur Morey, and is two stories. The book opens with a modern-day girl losing her boyfriend and job in Boston and, with the prodding of her New York mother, researching her familial heritage. The second story is that of a mid-18th century Dakota Sioux girl, kidnapped by Crow indians, ultimately escaping with the help of a French explorer. Thus is the premise of Legacy. 

Steel does a nice job merging the two stories into a pleasant read of terror, joy, romance, history. Nice beach-read, not intended to build gray matter, but to simply escape … which is very DaniecleSteelesque. As with most Steel books, this is a ‘sweet’ romance … feel free to let a teenaged girl listen/read.

Arthur Morey is okay, but I’d rather have a female reader with books having a female lead character, i.e., all of Steel books. Just my preference. But, I had no trouble determining who-says-what-to-who.

If you like Danielle Steel, you’ll enjoy Legacy.




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